How Long Does It Take to Get a Bachelors in Nursing Going Part Time?


Getting a bachelors degree in nursing can take anywhere from four to six years on average if you are studying as a full time student. If you decide to study part-time it will take an avers of 6-8 years depending upon the number of classes that you take.
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You find a college that offers the 4-year BSN degree
Here are answers to your questions - 1) Yes, it would be possible to work part time and go to university. However, you should be a very. organized individual, with good time management
I'm interested in relocating from MA. I graduated in May and haven't had any success in job searching other than a per diem charge nurse position in pedi psych. I'm interested in
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It depends on how many part-time credits you want to take, and how many credits your school requires to graduate. Generally, it would take about 8 years maximum ...
You can become a RN in 2 years if you want your associate degree in nursing. You could get your bachelors degree in nursing in 4 years which allows you more job ...
You must first become a licensed registered nurse, which can be done with a two year degree. You need to earn a Bachelor's of Science Degree or a Bachelor's of ...
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