How Long Does It Take to Get a Phone from Atat in the Mail?


If you placed an order for a new phone through AT&T, you can expect it to arrive in about 2 weeks. When it arrives, it should have instructions on how to get it ready for use.
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The #1 AT&T phone right now is the Apple iPhone 3G. If I had AT&T, it's the phone I'd be
I think it's the samsung eternity! its for people who cant afford the iphone and want a touch screen! so you get the point : )
The best AT&T phone right now is the Apple iPhone 4. With the iPhone 4, Apple again shows that it is a powerful player in the smartphone wars.
To check your voice mail from another phone, simply call your cell phone number. When you hear your outgoing message, hit the star (*) key on your keypad. Then follow the voice prompts
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