How Long Does It Take to Get to Hawaii on a Plane?


How long it takes to get to Hawaii on a plane depends on the location you depart from. The flight from LAX to Hawaii is about 5 hours long.
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Depends on season, where you are flying from, and how far in advance you book the flight.
The plane ride from Los Angeles, California to Honolulu, Hawaii is 6.5 hours,
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From Los Angeles to Honolulu, tickets range from $281 to $439. Planning ahead will save money on fare.
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Well, it takes about 12.5 hours to fly from New York to Hawaii, so it probably takes a similar amount of time from PA. It might depend, too, on if the airline ...
The average flight time from Pennsylvania to Hawaii is about 12 hours. This does not include any layover times when you must change flights. You will have to change ...
Wow, flying from Honolulu, Hawaii to Paris, France is quite the trip. By plane you will have 16 hours of actual flying time. There are not any non stop flights ...
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