How Long Does It Take to Get to Mercury?


The distance from Earth to Mercury is an astounding 77.3 million km. When NASA's Mariner took off on their journey to Mercury, it took 147 days for them to arrive at the planet. You can find more information here:
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Mercury is a naturally occurring metal that exists all around us. It can be highly dangerous in large quantities and poisonous to most living organisms. Mercury can be found in the
Mercury rotates on its axis very slowly, while it orbits the sun quickly. In fact, one day is actually as long as two years on Mercury. It takes Mercury about 88 Earth days to orbit
Many light bulbs on the market contain elemental mercury. All HID (high-intensity discharge) light bulbs including metal halide and high-pressure sodium light bulbs contain certain
Instead of an atmosphere like Earth's, due to the intense heat and solar winds from the Sun, Mercury is able to maintain only an exosphere of atoms blown up from the surface of the
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It was very difficult for astronomers to figure out how long it took Mercury to rotate. Finally in 1965 they found evidence that it took about 59 days. ...
It takes Mercury 59 days to rotate on its axis. The planet is named after the Roman god Mercury, who was the messenger to the gods. ...
It takes 88 Earth days for Mercury to make a complete orbit around the Sun. At a distance of 36 million miles from the Sun, Mercury is the closest planet to the ...
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