How Long Does It Take to Get to New York from Miami Driving?


I've took this trip many times. It takes about 22 hours to get to New York, from Miami, Florida. The main route is Interstate 95. Allow extra time to get through the Daytona, Florida area, because it's very congested with traffic, no matter what time of year you're traveling.
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The driving distance between Miami, FL and New York, NY is 1278 miles. The driving time would be approximately 20 hours if you were to drive non-stop in good conditions. (The driving
Be Alert. New York is a pedestrian dominated city. Wherever you are driving, chances are people will be walking beside you, infront of you, behind you, and anywhere else you can imagine
1. Determine how much time and money you have to travel. Before you figure out how you will travel from Miami to New York, you will need to decide when you want to leave, when you
My experience of Miami, where I've lived for a few years now: I can tell you that the idea of a tropical paradise where it's always sunny and warm wears down on you after a few years
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