How Long Does It Take to Get to Orlando Florida from Rockaway NJ?


It takes 18 hours, and 30 minutes to get to Orlando, Florida, from Rockaway, New Jersey. You will need to travel on Interstate 95, and head south. It's a total of 1,083 miles to get there.
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1,125 miles taking this route: Take I-80 EAST, from Kenvil, to I-287 SOUTH to SOMERSET off EXIT 43. Take I-287 around to I-95 N.J. TURNPIKE (toll road) - SOUTH. Take I-95 SOUTH all
Newark, NJ is 1,063 miles from Orlando, FL That's about an 18 and a half
The distance from Brick NJ to Disney World in Orlando FLorida is 1,076 mi, approximately 18 hours and 18 minutes drive.
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