How Long Does It Take to Get to Six Flags NJ from Philadelphia?


It will take about one hour to get to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey from Philadelphia. It is almost 54 miles. Six Flags is located at 1 Great Adventure Blvd.
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It is in a town called Mount Laurel!
The name of the Six Flags park in NJ is Six Flags Great Adventure. The parks address is 1 Six Flags Blvd, Jackson, NJ 08527. The phone number is (732) 928-1821.
NJ Transit offers express bus service to the park from New York City, Newark, Camden and Philadelphia, PA via the 308 and 318 lines. Have a great time!
Six Flags Great Adventure has the following thrill rides: Batman the Ride - roller coaster. Bizarro - roller coaster. Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train - roller coaster. Congo Rapids
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How long it takes to get to NJ Six Flags by car depends on where you are traveling from. The name of the park is Six Flags Great Adventure. It is located at 1 ...
To drive to Six Flags from Camden, New Jersey takes approximately one hour. The distance to travel for this trip is approximately fifty four and a half miles. ...
New Jersey Transit will take you to within nine miles of Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. You would get on Bus 130 at 9th St. At the Lakewood ...
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