How Long Does It Take to Grow an Afro?


An afro is a type of hairstyle that stands up all over the head. The time that it takes to grow an afro varies. Many people may be able to grow an afro within just a few months, while others may take longer than a year. How long and thick the afro will be may influence how long it takes to grow. It is also important to keep hair healthy so that the afro will grow as rapidly as possible, as damaged hair can break and shorten the length of hair.
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Growing an Afro is easy. People with curly hair can grow it very easily, people with straight hair will have a hard time. You simply grow your hair out natural and keep it combed
1. Trim your hair one last time before beginning to grow your hair out. This haircut will help to stimulate scalp growth and promote follicle health. 2. Care for your hair while growing
Well first of course you will want to stop cutting your hair and make sure you shampoo it regular with some shampoo that stimulates growth and use a grease to make it grow faster,
For those of you that already have curly hair keep you hair brushed when about 0.5 inches until you reach at least 1 inch. When at 1 inch comb your hair, comb your hair lightly not
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The amount of time it takes to grow an afro if you have thick hair is on average about six months. Hair grows about a half inch per month, but it could be slower ...
How long it takes to grow a 5 inch afro depends on a few factors. First, it depends if your hair grows at the average rate of 1/2 per month. If this is the case ...
1. Maintain a regular hair care routine. This includes regular shampooing and conditioning. 2. Shampoo hair about once a week. Because Afro hair is usually dry ...
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