How long does it take to grow dreads?


Dreadlocks can be started in hair that is at least 3 inches long in a few hours. According to, the "backcombing method" is the fastest of the five generally-accepted dread creation methodologies. Experts agree that while it is possible to start dreads in a few hours, it takes from four months to a year for dreadlocks to fully "lock up" or reach maturity.

Clean, well-maintained dreads reach maturity faster than neglected locks. Dreads need to be washed at least once per week. Key maintenance products include a dread comb, dread wax and a good soap that does not leave residue on the hair.

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It takes about 5 years to fully lock but it takes around 5 months for them to begin locking. no thats not accurate typicaly 2 years to be fully mature
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Anything between a few weeks and about a year!
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