How long does it take to grow marigolds?


It takes roughly 5-7 days for marigolds to grow, or sprout. Marigolds are known for their large floral head that is bright in color. Colors can vary from orange, golden, yellow, and white.
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Since they are easily grown and prolific bloomers, marigolds have long been one of the most popular plants in home gardens. A flowering annual that is native to Mexico, marigolds
1. Enrich the soil when planting marigolds. Marigold plants like rich, well drained soil, but are very tolerant of average to slightly poor soils. Improving your soil quality will
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Direct sunshine, not picky about soil or temperatures - they thrive in heat though. They are hardy annual plants that even I can grow. I've grown them in alkaline clay soil in Phoenix
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How Long Does It Take for Marigolds to Grow?
Marigolds are hardy summer annuals easily grown in a variety of soils in the home garden. There are two basic species: Tagetes erectus commonly called the African marigold, a tall vigorous plant, and Tagetes patula or the French marigold, a much smaller... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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