How Long Does It Take to Heal a Busted Lip?


How long it takes to heal a busted lip varies from person to person. On average it can take 1 to 2 weeks for a busted lip to heal.
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A busted lip means it has been injured. Apply ice as soon as possible to reduce swelling. If the split is the mouth is severe, stitches may be needed. Use antibiotic ointment on the
Ice it only if its swollen for 10 minutes (no longer) You can also use a thin amount of polysporin/neosporin on the cut. Other than that, leave it be. Source(s) medic.
You can never tell really parts of the body like the lip heal on its own just keep putting ice on it to keep it from getting swollen and itll be gone soon Source(s): Experience with
5 years or so.
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To heal a busted lip you can use ice and time. Apply the ice to the busted lip so that you can quell the bleeding. This will also help to stop the swelling that ...
Treatments to cure busted lip depend on the severity of the affected lip area. To help it heal faster, having a cold compress can help reduce its swelling. Antibiotic ...
The length of time it will take for your lip to heal after a cyst removal depends on how big the cyst was. On average, it should take around 2 weeks to heal. ...
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