How Long Does It Take to Heal Broken Bones?


Ideally, different bones will take from 3 to 24 weeks to recover. The time that is takes to heal a broken bone will highly depend on the bone and the age of an individual. Some bones heal faster than others due to supply of blood and children bones recover faster than adult bones.
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that is a good question it takes about 1day
Breaking any bone is a painful and arduous experience; breaking your femur is no exception. If you fracture your femur, also known as your thigh bone, your orthopedist will take several
6 weeks to fully repair but they should stop hurting as much in 4. Source(s) research.
Depending on the severity, it will take at least
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The duration of time a bone would take to heal depends entirely on the extent of injury and the type of bone. The collar bone takes about 3 to 8 weeks to heal; the shoulder blade (scapula) takes 6 weeks to heal; a broken rib takes about 4 weeks to heal, while a broken finger can take 4 to 6 weeks to heal.
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