How Long Does It Take to Install a Transmission?


How long it will take to install a transmission depends on the year/model of the car. Rear wheel drive cars normally take one to two days. However, a front wheel drive car can take up to four days at the shop.
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Replacing a transmission usually involves removing the engine first with a cherry picker. Make sure you have a few friends to help to make sure everything lines up currently before
1. Maneuver the transmission into place against the back of the engine block, and align the bellhousing to engine block bolt holes. Install and torque the bellhousing to engine block
1. Remove the front drive shaft, if it is 4wd. Then remove the exhaust flange from the exhaust manifold. Remove the electrical and transmission oil cooler lines. 2. After you have
I have a 92 corolla manual 5 speed. should be similar. Its a big job. I have a haynes guide but not very detailed. My problem was with rusted bolts. If there is a lot of rust consider
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The length of time to rebuild a transmission could take up to 2 to 3 days. Typically it's an all day job around 12 or more hours. However, most mechanics will ...
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