How Long Does It Take to Learn the Piano?


The length of time one can take to learn a piano depends on an individual's effort and capacity to absorb what is being taught. Generally, practicing can help to reduce the amount of time taken to learn a piano, as it helps one to perfect any acquired skills.
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How Long Does It Take to Learn the Piano?
As soon as you'll learn the notes of each of the piano's keys, you will be playing piano very quickly. First locate what is called "middle C." This is simply the center key of the keyboard. The piano is grouped into octaves. The "middle C" is the very... More »
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The amount of time one may require to learn the piano all depends on two things; the learner’s musical ability and commitment (the time the learner is willing to put into it). A person who has had experience with another different instrument will find it easier to learn the piano and may take a shorter time to learn the instrument than a completely new person. Piano lessons are normally around 30 minutes a day but the most important part of learning is practising. The more one practises the faster he or she becomes professional.
It takes a lot of time to learn the piano, but that time varies from person to person. Some people say they have learned the piano if they can play 'Happy Birthday' at a party, while some professional pianists will admit that they are still learning. Most teachers will recommend setting specific goals, such as learning a certain piece of music. You can find more information here:
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