How long does it take to make a video game?


It can take a long time to make a video game. From the introduction of the concept to designing and prototyping it can take up to two years before the final product hits the shelves. On simple easy to play less complex games, you are looking at about a year.
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How Long Does It Take to Make a Video Game?
Video game design is a large project that takes a lot of time, money and labor. Whether an independent game is being developed or a large studio-produced effort, there are plenty of skill sets required for game design and a large number of people... More »
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Disc-like video games work by being read by a laser in the console. It is essentially the same idea as a CD or DVD but more interaction is allowed.
Ever ask yourself "how are video games made?" The game development process is almost as interesting as the games themselves. If you've ever thought it might be fun to make
1. Play lots of video games, all sorts of games. You need to know about everything currently out on the market as well as everything about to be released. Get a good education and
Video game designers and developers are among the hardest working people in the technology field. Getting a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
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