How Long Does It Take to Mummify a Body?


It depends on the kind of mummification that you do as to how long it takes to mummify a body. Usually, the ancient Egyptian technique of mummification took around 70 days. During the time, the family of the deceased person ate very little and wore black.
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1. Check the body for a pulse and breathing to be absolutely positive that this person is dead. It would be embarrassing (to say the least) and harmful if you attempt to mummify someone
Pharohs only. They mummified them to ensure a safe keeping of they body so that the pharoh could live a preserved afterlife.
First, the body is taken to the tent known as 'ibu' or the 'place of
They believed that when someone died, their soul left their body. The soul would then return and be reunited with the body after it was buried. However, the soul needed to be able
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