How Long Does It Take to Ovulate after DEPO?


How long it takes to ovulate after getting off the Depo shot depends on where you are in your cycle. On average, it takes about two weeks after you have completed your shots and the time that the shot lasts for. It may take as long as a month after the shot has completely worn off.
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You don't have the injection again. Once the injection has been given, there are no way to stop the effects of it, negative or positive. It cannot be removed from your system, as
As soon as you start ovulating again. On average a healthy fertile couple has a 20-25% chance of conception each cycle if unprotected sex occurs on or close to ovulation.
Not Medical Advice: 70% of women using Depo Provera gain weight or have headaches, nervousness, more?
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The Depo Provera birth control shot will entirely leave your system approximately a year after your last and final shot. It will also be harder to get pregnant ...
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