How Long does It Take to Paint a Car?


The process or painting a car takes about one full day. After each application of primer is put on, the paint will need to dry between 30 to 90 minutes. Some paints may require 24 hours to dry after the process is completed.
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Learning how to paint a car might not be for everyone, but with patience and attention to detail, you can create a finished product that will rival the pros. A quality paint job can
1. Wash the car as you would normally do. Be sure not to use a lot of detergent. Rinse thoroughly. After it has dried, you should carefully remove or tape over such items as the trim
1. Double check to make sure you've done everything necessary to prepare your car for priming. This prep includes making sure all dents are fixed, areas not to be primed are covered
People might be tempted to try commercial rubbing compounds for buffing away small scratches, but some contain gritty material that can ruin car paint. A fine polishing compound is
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How Long Does It Take to Paint a Car?
It takes several hours to prepare for painting a car and about an hour to finish the actual painting process. Avoid trying to paint a car with cans of spray paint and consider advice from a certified mechanic in this free video on car paint.... More »
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The time to paint a car depends on the color used and how many coats you have to apply. For the most part, it should only take one day to paint a whole car. Then you will need to let the paint dry in a warm area for at least two days. You can find out more information here:
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