How Long does It Take to Paint a Room?


How long it takes to paint a room really depends on how large the room is. A medium sized bedroom that is 12' X 12' will take 4-5 hours to paint. If you use a paint roller brush you can paint the walls in about an hour. However, taping the edges to keep paint off the ceiling and floor will take a couple of hours. And painting the trim will take another hour or two.
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Painting an entire room-ceiling, walls and trim-doesn't need to be the daunting task you once thought. With the right tools and some helpful hints, you'll be painting like you've
1. Ask for input from the boy whose room you are painting. He may already have a color in mind. If you want to do something a little more elaborate than just covering the walls, work
1. Wipe down all walls with a clean cotton cloth. Remove any dirt or grease spots. 2. Select a base color of orange, yellow or bright blues or bright greens. Paint all walls with
1. Select the room that will serve as your main room when a creating paint division line. For example, if your kitchen has a small attached breakfast nook, the nook is the secondary
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