How Long Does It Take to Pass a Breathalyzer Test?


How long after you drink to pass a breathalyzer test depends on how many drinks you have had to drink. It also depends on your body's metabolism. A good rule of thumb is 1 drink needs 1 hour.
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To pass a breathalyzer test, you simply need to not use alcohol. However, if you are the legal drinking age, 21, then using alcohol up to the .08 level will allow you to pass.
To be blunt about it their is only one way to pass a breathalyzer test. you have to be sober. The reasoning behind this is because a breathalyzer tests the the air in your lungs not
Why would i put that out there? Your probley a undercover cop, hahaha.
1. Learn your state's laws about drinking and driving and legal blood alcohol limits. It's imperative to know the ramifications of refusing a breathalyzer versus taking the test and
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It depends on the persons metabolism. However, scientific studies show that the normal person metabolizes a 1/2 of alcohol (one drink) per hour. So about an ...
A breathalyzer is a type of test given to determine if a person has been drinking and is considered illegally intoxicated. These are commonly given by police ...
To pass a breathalyzer, you will need to be sober. If you have been drinking, you will not pass the test if you have had too much to drink. ...
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