How Long does It Take to Rebuild a Transmission?


The length of time to rebuild a transmission could take up to 2 to 3 days. Typically it's an all day job around 12 or more hours. However, most mechanics will not spend all day on one car. If you take it to a mechanic expect a 2 to 3 day delay at the most.
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Rebuilding a transmission is a tedious job that will require patience and time. You should gather some tools ahead of time, such as a set of sockets, wrenches, picks, pliers, and
You can go right out and buy a brand new transmission. This would be the most expensive way of correcting the problem. New transmissions can cost several thousands of dollars, and
Rebuilding an automatic transmission is generally regarded as a difficult undertaking because the repair shop must be familiar with your specific type of transmission. Automatic transmissions
If you mean a 5 speed manual box, then it is a job not to b undertaken lightly. You will require a manual such as Haynes but even then it would not normally cover all the internals
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