How Long Does It Take to Recover from Pneumonia?


The severity and the general health of the patient will determine the time it takes to cure pneumonia
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1. Take medication as prescribed. Most oral antibiotics are taken for 10 days. 2. Reduce activity until your cough is gone. 3. Avoid cigarette smoke and irritants in the air, and
1. Complete the recommended treatment as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Viral-based pneumonia does not have a known treatment. The immune system is left to fight off
Well in the movie, he gets well, by staying indoors during the great move, and by the help of the medicine that Ms. Frisby got from Mr. Ages.
Pneumonia is a serious infection and it sometimes takes weeks to completely resolve the symptoms. If the shortness of breath remains as a persistent problem, it is a good idea to
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Pneumonia Treatment
The type of treatment prescribed for pneumonia primarily depends on what type of pneumonia is present and its severity. In many cases, pneumonia can be treated at home.The typical treatment plan for pneumonia includes taking all prescribed... More »
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