How Long Does It Take to Ship a Package from China?


How long it takes to ship a package from China depends upon where the package will be going. If shipped within the same country, the package may arrive the same week. However, when shipping to other countries like the United States, this will take longer. Generally, a person in the United States expecting a package from China will have to wait about four to six weeks, and in some cases even longer, in order to receive the shipment, as the length of travel, as well as passing through customs, can be a very lengthy process.
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EMS does not promise the time. Uganda EMS does not have a contract with China EMS. Here are two times EMS can't estimate: customs clearance time and the delivery time of the local
1. Bring your package to a designated DHL shipping facility. Locations can be found on DHL's website. 2. Determine the desired delivery time for your package. Choices include same
It depends where do you send this package from ? How about the CBM and weight ? Source(s) China Sourcing agent,business interpreter,Company Verification,Import & Export Agent,
1. Prepare your package. Pack and seal your object(s) within an appropriately-sized, plain cardboard box or container. Use packing tape to ensure that the box is sealed securely.
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