How Long Does It Take to Starve to Death?


How long it takes to starve to death depends on multiple factors such as weight, activity level and how the body metabolizes food. Current evidence suggests that most people begin experiencing severe symptoms of starvation at around a month without food. At a month and a half to two months, death can occur.
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More than 8 million people die of starvation each year - one every 3.6 seconds [1]. Six million of these are kids - one every 5 seconds [2]. One question: Why is this question posted
Often, the first symptoms of starvation are digestive. A person denied food
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The amount of time a person can go without food or nutrition varies on each individual. Your starting weight is a big factor. Most people who have gone on a hunger strike or fast have lasted between 70 and 90 days.
This depends on the strength of the person, his health, his immune system, his weight etc. But an average person can resist 2-3 weeks without food.
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