How Long Does It Take to Travel 330 Miles at a Rate of 55 MPH?


55 miles per hour means that you will travel you 55 miles in one hour, 110 miles in 2 hours, 220 miles in 4 hours, 330 miles in 6 hours. You can also divided 330 by 55, which will give you 6 (hours).
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About 1 hour 49 minutes.
Well D=RT, so 300miles=(75mph)*(time). T= 4.4
It would take you 25 minutes to travel 20 miles going 55mph.Distance is divided by your rate of speed.
Sometimes people don't know how to look at a word question in order to obtain the formula. Assuming Lisa can do division on a calculator, she might not know what she is dividing into
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It will take you 6.6 hours to travel 330 miles at 55 mph. This is if you are going non-stop at a constant speed for the entire distance. You might want to make ...
It will take 2.72 hours to travel 150 miles at a steady rate of 55 miles per hour (mph). To figure this out, you take the distance traveled and divide it by the ...
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