How Long Does Weed Take to Get out of Your System?


It will take weed approximately 3 to 30 days to leave your system depending on your metabolism and the amount of weed smoked. Weed can be detected in a urine test up to a month after last intake. With the hair test, weed can be detected up to three years after last intake.
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hmm, it depends on the person. but, about. 3weeks-1month?
1. Look for weeds with single, long, narrow leaves containing veins that run parallel to each other called monocots. Grass weed, a common monocot variety, features a portion of a
Marijuana takes anywhere from 3-30 days to clear your system,
They say 30 days but it really depends on the person body but they do sell pills u can swallow and it will clean your system out the next day. Source(s) drink alot of water.
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