How Long Does It Take Vicodin to Leave Your System?


There are several factors that contribute to how long it takes Vicodin to leave your system. Depending on how much Vicodin is in a person's system, body weight, metabolism, and hydration, it can stay in a person's blood for a few days or a few months.
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Vicodin Hydrocodone stays in
I understand if it was a prescription written by your doctor it will be "ok", but controlled substances are written for the problem you have at that time. If you still are
One dose of 5mg vicodin (hydrocodone) will stay in your system 3 to 7 days depending on body weight, metabolism, and tolerance to the drug.
In daily users, it stays in the system 5-7 days. With one time use only, it stays in the system 3 days.
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