How Long Does It Take Wood Stain to Dry?


It can take a wood stain to dry anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours. It will depend on the temperature and the amount of stain used.
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1. Use a soft, absorbent rag to wipe away excess stain after applying the stain to your project. Set the cloth aside. Choose a clean rag and rub harder into the wood. Rub off the
Whether you have new doors, unfinished furniture or a craft project, chances are you will need to stain and varnish it. With a multitude of new products on the market, including gel
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1. Put on respirator and heavy rubber gloves. Wear long sleeves. 2. Pour generous amounts of lacquer thinner onto a lint-free rag. Dampen but do not soak the rag. Do not spill the
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