How Long Does Jello Last?


Jello can last between 7-10 days long in the refrigerator. You will know it is starting to go bad when it begins to get stiffer than normal. This is a sign that it is losing its moisture. 
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Outside in Antarctica, it will probably last forever. Outside in the Sahara Desert, it won't.
If you are using a mold or pan use the Jello Shots within a day or two. They may last
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Hi Pam, Not long in my fridge! But seriously, Jello shots won't last much longer than plain Jello would. You know, they get all rubbery and yucky and taste just like everything in
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Jello that is still in powder form can last for more than a year. If the Jello is already prepared it will remain fresh in the refrigerator for 5-8 days. However ...
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