How long does Klonopin stay in your system?


The period of time Klonopin stays in your system depends on the amount taken and the frequency of repeated use. Klonopin continues to stay in the body for about three days (as shown by a urine test ) to a week as shown by a blood test. Its effects last for 15 to 50 hours with the peak effects at about two hours.
2 Additional Answers
Klonipin generally stays in your system for 36 hours to three days hours per 1mg. The rate that your metabolism works is a major factor. Slower metabolisms will cause the drug to stay in your system longer. The higher the dosage you are on, the longer it will be in your system, with four days being the general maximum for a single dose. If you take klonipin regularly, it could take up to two weeks to completely leave your system.
Klonopin, which is a prescription drug used to treat anxiety, panic attacks and seizure disorders is metabolized within about 6 hours. Your body should be completely free of the drug within 30 hours.
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