How Long Does Lifeguard Certification Last?


If you are getting your Lifeguard certification through the Red Cross, it will take between 24 and 31 hours of coursework. After you have completed the course, you will be certified for two years.
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1. Determine the local laws regarding renewing your lifeguard certification in your area or state. Different states and counties have different laws and some of them may require you
Beach and Pool lifeguard - 2 years, First AID at work - 3 years and
in England you will need an NPLQ (national pool lifeguard qualification) to work at a pool of all types. and to work at a beach a NBLQ (national beach lifeguard qualification) this
If you can swim 20 lengths of a high school pool (20 x 25 = 500 yards) in 10 minutes, you'll do fine. To be a lifeguard you don't need to know the competitive strokes. Your instructors
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