How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Breast Milk?


The amount of time that marijuana will stay in breast milk is dependent upon the frequency and amount of marijuana used. Marijuana can stay in the breast milk for up to one month.
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As long as the drugs are in your blood, is how long it remains in your milk. It stays in your system generally 30 days. You should refrain from smoking while breastfeeding.
That information is not available. Doctors advise
NOT MEDICAL ADVICE: The THC found in marijuana affects breast milk in any amount. Avoid it if pregnant. Stay safe!
I would be more worried about drinking alcohol and breast feeding. Research has actually shown some similarities between the cannabinoids in marijuana and the makeup of breastmilk
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Breast milk can stay fresh in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 days. Right after you pump your milk, cover the bottle tightly and keep refrigerated. Do not re-refrigerate ...
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