How long does marijuana stay in your mouth?


Marijuana is not stored in your mouth, rather your fat cells. When a user smokes or partakes otherwise in Marijuana the THC gets stored in fat cells. Depending on a number of factors it can stay in your blood for up to 8 weeks.
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Since it is in the fat cells, hair, and body it will stay from 60-90 days depending on use. Don't use if you want to pass a drug test.
Marijuana when used as a recreational drug has no positive physical effects for the user and it can be dangerous. In fact, there are more cancerous substances in weed than in cigarettes
Marijuana will stay in your mouth until you take it out or swallow it. The
If you smoke about once a week or less, it should be out of your system in three or four days. Alternatively, if you smoke a joint a day, it will build up in fat cells, and take around
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The fact is no one really knows this answer to how long marijuana stays in your system. Because THC is said to stay in the brain forever. But the most marijuana ...
Depending on how much and how it was injested marijuana can enter your bloodstream for up to an hour and a half after injesting, it then will stay for a couple ...
The length of time that marijuana can stay in your saliva depends on the amount of marijuana and how often the said person consumes the drug. For a heavy user ...
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