How Long Does One 12 Oz Beer Stay in Your System?


One 12-oz. beer stays in your system for about one hour, if you're a healthy adult. Your body can process and clear that amount without any trouble. Each drink in excess of one per hour multiplies the rate of alcohol that will show in urine drug tests.
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Depends on the strength of the beer as you don't metabolise a certain volume of liquid an hour but a certain volume of alcohol. Working on US oz, as no one else would drink beers
Alcohol is metabolized at the rate of .015 of blood
That is the equivalent of 4 normal beers. It would take over 4 hours for your body to metabolize that amount of alcohol. And you would most likely be legally drunk for the first two
Neither is great, but the beer is better (assuming you don't have a problem with alcohol or don't get drunk from the beer and then do something stupid like go for a drive). At least
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To stay under the legal limit it is safe to drink one 12 ounce beer per hour. It takes your body about one hour to process one serving of alcohol.
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