How Long Does Phentermine Stay in Your System?


Phentermine can stay in your system for up to 170 hours. The half-life of Phentermine is anywhere between 16 to 31 hours.
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Phentermine is a diet pill used to decrease appetite. Sometimes doctors prescribe the drug to treat obesity. The drug has been known to promote effective weight loss by creating a
According to. Medications and Mother's Milk. it has a half-life of 7-20 hours. My pharmacist advise that you not nurse for 5x that length. so I'd say roughly 100 hours or 5 days.
the half life is 35 hours so the total is 70 hours which is almost three days\
What is Lorazepam? Lorazaepam is the generic form of the drug Ativan. According to, lorazepam is a member of the class of drugs known as benzos (benzodiazepines) that are
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How long phentermine, also known as Adderall, stays in ones system is dependent on some variables. There are 4 different types of tests that can be used to detect the drug in ones system. They are hair testing, saliva testing, urine testing, and blood testing. One dose can be detected for as long 4 days after use. More extensive usage may alter that. Hair testing will detect it for a much longer period of time.
The drug phentermine is used to decrease a person's appetite. Once you ahve stopped taking the drug, usually the drug is completely out of your system within 3-4 days. You can find more information at
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