How Long Does Plaster of Paris Take to Dry?


The amount of time it takes for Plaster of Paris to dry depends on the consistency of the liquid and what you are doing with it. The thinner the liquid is, the more quickly it will dry. Plaster of Paris is a type of molding liquid that can be used to make castes. You make the liquid, which should be similar to a pancake consistency, then apply it to the object or person who is being caste and wait for it to dry.
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1. Scrape off as much excess plaster as possible using a paint chipper or screwdriver. If the dried plaster is collected on the bottom of a plastic bucket, a few sharp taps on the
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It takes about 30 minutes for plaster of paris to set up to take it out of a mold, but takes about a full day before you can paint on it or work with it.
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