How Long Does Pleurisy Last?


pleurisy caused by pleurodynia may come and go over a few days. In rare cases, a person with pleurodynia may have several episodes of pleurisy chest pain over several weeks before the illness finally goes away. bacterial pneumonia or rheumatic fever, pleurisy typically goes away when the infection is cured with antibiotics.
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How long does pleurisy last.
Pleurisy caused by pleurodynia may come and go over a few days; it may even last over
Your doctor will ask about your medical history, including your history of smoking. He or she also may ask whether you have been anywhere where you may have been exposed to tuberculosis
If the pleurisy is caused by a virus and is treated it will take about a week or two to recoup.
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Pleurisy Treatment
Once your doctor identifies the source of inflammation or infection, he or she will be able to determine the correct course of treatment. Getting adequate rest to assist your body with the healing process is an important part of getting well. In... More »
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