How Long Does Pneumonia Last?


Pneumonia lengh will depend on the specific organism causing it and the type of pneumonia the person has.Usually it takes about three weeks.
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From what I read pneumonia varies in length on time that it lasts. It can last a few days or sometimes up to a month.
Most types of pneumonia resolve within a week or so, but a cough may linger for
Pneumonia generally lasts about two weeks, even longer in young children, elderly adults, and those who have compromised immune systems or another chronic illness such as COPD or
Not medical advice: Pneumonia could last a few days to a week or longer, depending on when you start taking medication. It can be potentially fatal- see a doc!
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Pneumonia Treatment
The type of treatment prescribed for pneumonia primarily depends on what type of pneumonia is present and its severity. In many cases, pneumonia can be treated at home.The typical treatment plan for pneumonia includes taking all. . . More »
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A cough can last and linger around for weeks after pneumonia. If the cough is getting worse and not better, another trip to the doctor is in order. ...
The severity and the general health of the patient will determine the time it takes to cure pneumonia ...
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