How long does Priority Mail take?


Priority Mail is delivered within two days domestically and eight days internationally, but there are exceptions. If there is any circumstance that causes a delay such as weather, it might not be delivered for up to four days.
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The time the mail takes is dependent on a couple of things. First, it depends on where the package is coming from. Next, it depends on where the package is going to. The third and
4 days tops, usually 2-3 days tho.
USPS Priority Mail delivers in two days to most locations. It's usu...
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How Long Does Priority Mail Take?
The U.S. Post Office advertises a one- to three-day delivery time frame for its domestic Priority Mail service and six to ten days for its Priority Mail International service. However, those time frames are not guaranteed. Most of the time, Priority Mail... More »
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Priority Mail sent from Florida to New York is likely to reach its target in two business days. Such mail sent from Florida to the West Coast typically takes three ...
The United States Postal Service is where people go to have their letters and packages delivered to other destinations. The mail can be delivered within the country ...
It is dependent upon which service is used in order to determine how long mail takes to reach its destination. Some services include priority and regular parcel. ...
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