How Long Does Probate Take?


Probate is a legal process that seeks to administer the estate of a deceased person by resolving all claims and allocating his property according to the valid will. A probate is usually granted within 3 weeks from when your application papers are received on the Probate Registry.
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Probate is the application made to the Probate Registry of the High Court to obtain permission to deal with the property and affairs of a person who has died. The time taken depends on the assets that are involved. It is advisable to apply for a grant of probate within 3 months after the date o f death.
Once you appy for a grant of Probate normally comes though in about six weeks.However, the application can take longer depending on complexity of the estate being your dealing with.Most cases it can take months to even be in a position to apply for a grant of Probate.
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