How Long Does Radiation Stay in the Body?


In order to determine how long radiation stays in the body, we'll need to know the type of radiation you're referring to. Not all radiation has the same effect. Also, not all types of radiation last as long as others may.
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What kind of treatment? If you went in for radiation treatment and the source was external (meaning you were positioned and the source was set up and/or moved around you) the radiation
The world is full of radiation of varying levels. Instability in atomic nuclei cause charged particles to shoot out. These include alpha, beta, and gamma radiation particles. The
There are different kinds of electromagnetic radiation; generally the type is determined by energy (or frequency). There is a well-recognized cut-off between radiation that has enough
1. Learn the basic history behind the discovery of radiation given off by a black body object. The black body radiation is a key concept coming out of the physics from the 19th century
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