How Long does Standard Flat Rate Shipping Take?


Flat Rate shipping through the USPS takes no more the 2 business days to get to where it is going. Prices start at $4.90. So long as it fits in the box and does not exceed 70 lbs the box will ship for the set price for that particular package. There are boxes as well as envelopes available. You can find more information here:
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Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service is the normal shipping
Priority Mail International is 6-10 days starting @ $10.95 Prices b...
A flat-rate shipping box allows consumers and businesses to pay one set rate to send a package anywhere in the United States. The rate is the same provided the item fits in one of
USPS offers flat rate shipping for items up to 70 pounds. You can get these boxes free of charge here:…. DHL has a prepaid shipping
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Standard flat rate shipping can vary on delivery times. Across state it takes me about 3 days. Out of state may take up to 10 business days. It all depends on where it is going.
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