How Long Does Sugar Stay in Your Blood?


The time for which sugar remains in blood depends upon the type of food you eat. In case if you eat meat, protein and fat than sugar remain for 15 hour in blood. However, different types of foods increase the sugar level of blood in different ways.
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Hypoglycaemia is the medical term for low blood sugar. Low blood sugar can be caused by things such as alcohol use, certain medicine and different diseases.
1. Eat fresh foods. Consume a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. Read labels and put lots of fiber-rich foods into your body. Stay away from overly processed and fast foods
Long term elevated blood sugar will lead to organ damage and/or organ failure. The organs that are usually damaged first are the eyes and kidneys. The eye because eye pressure is
Many things affect blood glucose. Here's what looks like a decent article. Actually, for a diabetic, I think that a 115 to 135 range is really
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For a healthy person, sugar stays between 15 minutes to one hour after eating. The duration blood stays in the system will be dictated by among other factors an ...
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