How Long Does Tendonitis Last?


The length of time that tendinitis will last will depend on the severity of it. If the case is a severe one, it can cause permanent damage and surgical repair may be needed. If it is a minor case. it can usually be treated with rest and medication and will clear up in a week or so.
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Tendinitis Treatment
Treatment options for tendinitis seek to reduce pain and inflammation in the tendon. Some basic home remedies include: resting or elevating the tendon, as advised by your doctor, applying cold or heat, taking medications, such. . . More »
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The length of time that tendinitis lasts varies per individual. In the majority of people it will last a few months and can cause debilitating pain. Causes of tendinitis are muscle imbalance as well as being overweight.
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I was bitten by a dog 7 months ago and wasdiagnost as having tendonitis after walking on it 3 months before diagnost.
Tendinitis of the wrist can last months if not properly treated. You
Tendons don't have a strong blood supply to them so they heal very slowly. Mine Achilles heal tendonitis lasted for two years. My long flexor tendonitis lasted for two years also
26 Oct 2009 Hello, well I took Levaquin also and I have been having many issues. I was diagnosed with achilles tendonitis, and my foot has been extremly swollen for about a month
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