How Long Does the Moon Stay Full?


A moon goes through many phases that we see in the sky. We see the moon start out as a whole, full moon and it slowly decreases from that. This happens because of the rotation of the Earth in proportion to the sun. The moon appears bright to us in the sky because the sun is shining on it. The length of time the moon stays full is about a day. This is because the distance between the Earth and the moon is consistently changing.
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a fraction of a second . but usually a single day (or night) it's close enough. But it looks full for about 3 days. technically, a full moon represents the instant that the moons
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1. Start by drawing a circle, this will be the body of the moon. Ad. 2. Now as you know the moon has many craters in its surface, so draw several circles in different sizes on the
The Moon looks full for 1 or 2 days each month, but astronomers say "true" full
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