How Long Has METH Been around?


While many may think that crystal meth is a new drug of choice, that is not the case. It has been around for close to 100 years. It was first developed in the year 1893 by a chemist named Nagayoshi Nagai. However it wasn't until Akira Ogata turned it into a crystallized form in the year 1919. The earliest use of methamphetamine happened during World War 2. In addition the last three years of Hitler's life he received daily injections of methamphetamine by his doctor to help treat depression.
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Methamphetamine was first synthesized from ephedrine in Japan, in 1894.
Methamphetamine was first synthesized from ephedrine in Japan in
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Meth has been around for a little over 100 years. Japan invented it when they were trying to find a drug to make better and more alert soldiers for World War II. You can find more information here:
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