How Long has Sedimentary Rock Been Around?


The age of sedimentary rock can vary quite a bit since it is still being formed. Sedimentary rock is formed by layers of sediment being pressurized and forming rock. This process has been occurring since the formation of the Earth, so some sedimentary rock is very old, and some of it will be very new, relatively speaking.
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its actually really easy. If the rock appears to have layers its sedimentary. if the rock is Metamorphic it may be distinguished by their foliation ( parallel alignment of platy mica
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Sedimentary rock is formed then minerals, and organic matter settles at the bottom of a body of water. Here it is slowly turned into rock by the crushed into rock. The oldest sedimentary rock is about 3.9 billion years old. You can find more information here:
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Sedimentary rock is formed by mineral and other materials sitting in water for an extremely long time. While the minerals and other materials are in the water, ...
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