How long is a 4k run?


A 4k run is 4 kilometers long. Four kilometers is the equivalent of 4,000 meters and is approximately 2.49 miles in the U.S. measuring system.

A 4k run is not a common length for competitive running; the 5k and 10k are more common. One mile is 1.61 kilometers, so 1 kilometer is about 0.62 mile. One kilometer is also 1,000 meters. In the Olympics, there is not a 4,000-meter run.

The men's world record for the 3,000-meter or 3k run is seven minutes and 20.67 seconds, while the record for the 5,000-meter or 5k run is 12 minutes and 37.35 seconds.

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2.5 miles approx.
Records are not kept for 4000 meter races, but Kenenisa Bekele holds the
there is no 4km running event - omg.
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