How long is a 4k run?


A 4k run is 4 kilometers long. Four kilometers is the equivalent of 4,000 meters and is approximately 2.49 miles in the U.S. measuring system.

A 4k run is not a common length for competitive running; the 5k and 10k are more common. One mile is 1.61 kilometers, so 1 kilometer is about 0.62 mile. One kilometer is also 1,000 meters. In the Olympics, there is not a 4,000-meter run.

The men's world record for the 3,000-meter or 3k run is seven minutes and 20.67 seconds, while the record for the 5,000-meter or 5k run is 12 minutes and 37.35 seconds.

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2.5 miles approx.
4 km = 2.48548 mi. Do you have any other questions? Thanks for using ChaCha!
Usually, 10k can be translated in 10.000. So, if it is about 10k run, we can all say that it`s an Olympic games challenge. You will have to be the fastest runner, covering 10.000
There isn't a set time an "in pretty good shape" 15 year old should run. There is a very wide range of times that would be OK for you to run, from 16 to 32 minutes.
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