How Long Is a 6k Run?


A 6K run is 6,000 meters or 3.72840 miles long. Typically, races are either 5K or 10K (3.2 miles or 6.4 miles) long. The average pace for a regular running is around 10 minutes per mile, which would make a 6K run last around 35 to 40 minutes. The actual time it will take to run a 6K depends on how fast the runner can run the mile. The fastest mile ever ran was in 1999 by a man from Morocca and he ran it in three minutes and 43.13 seconds.
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It takes me just over 15mins on the cross trainer with load of 6. Depend what terraib and gradiet and fitness levels.
More on what Karen Clark Stapleton was saying fartleks are very good. They don't have an exact distance, but instead you go for feel. One of my favorites is 3x3,3x2,3x1 with equal
There are 6561.679 yards in 6 Kilometers. ChaCha!
Run the 2k conservatively, hold a steady pace for the next 2k, really push the third 2k, giving everything you got the last 200 meters of that last 2k.
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