How Long Is a Cats Memory?


A cat's memory seems to be particularly relevant when associated with pain or pleasure. A factor related to memory is a process called 'imprinting'. Imprinting is the process of handling small kittens for the purpose of getting them socialized and familiar with humans. Intense bonding may therefore, be formed when the kitten is handled during some crucial phases of its life.
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A cat's memory is as long as they want it to be. As you may have noticed, cats tend to do things that are only beneficial to them. So they will remember things that they deem important enough. Now, if a cat finds a particular thing important they can remember it for a very long time, about 16 hours. If your cat has forgotten something, it probably means that he didn't think it was worthy of his time or attention. You can find more information here:
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They say that a cat's memory is about one hundred times that of a dogs, but they things they remember are selective as to what is useful to them, and then only lasting for about 4
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Cats exhibit a very long term memory span. They do not only have exceptional memory capabilities, but can work out complex schemes, have amazing recognition abilities ...
Cats have long term memories since their memory span generally last for 16 hours, which is the longest compared to other animals. Cats also make emotional mapping ...
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